Work. Eat. Connect.

WorkChew reimagines your favorite restaurants as coworking communities that cater to your changing needs. Choose the affordable benefits package that best suits you. Then work, eat, drink, connect and relax at our network of host restaurants.

WorkChew Corporate

The Employee Incentive Program For Your Mobile Salesforce with a Proven ROI

WorkChew connects your mobile salesforce to vibrant workspaces around the city. Your employees more active and engaged. Your company more productive.

WorkChew Corporate

WorkChew is a one-of-a kind employee incentive platform that connects your mobile salesforce to vibrant workspaces around the city. We partner with the best restaurants in the area providing your workers an alternate place to work, eat and connect while on the go. This productivity program keeps your salesforce engaged and productive in the field while feeling fully supported by you.

Reduce expense account costs

Save on expense account and travel allowances with our food discounts

Boost employee productivity

Keep your workforce more active and reduce wasted time by 35%

Attract and retain talent

Engage the best talent with a benefit they will enjoy

Optimize your benefits package

Offer a flexible and affordable benefit tailored to your company

WorkChew Entrepreneur

WorkChew Entrepreneur is a one of a kind mobile co-working service designed to provide early stage entrepreneurs resources to evolve their business. Our full-service offerings range from a network of co-working spaces to professional matching services – find clients, partners or investors.

Whether you’re a full-time worker, developing a concept or side hustle, or a full-blown early stage entrepreneur looking for resources and services to get your concept off the ground, WorkChew Entrepreneur is for you!

Affordable Workspace

Workspace and discounted food/drink options at an affordable prices

VIP Treatment

Get access to every restaurant in our network, extended happy hours and free access to events

Access to a Vibrant Community

Access to a network of professionals ready to collaborate and grow


Multiple locations to meet your daily needs