Refreshingly Different


WorkChew does away with the expense and inconvenience of traditional coworking options, such as coffee shops and shared workspaces. By providing a community for entrepreneurs, remote workers, and traveling professionals to work, eat, and connect in the city’s best restaurants!

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    VIP Treatment

    WorkChew members get access to every restaurant in the network and benefit from discounted prices and special events. With fast wifi access and charging stations our restaurant hosts are there to ensure your needs are met in a comforting space.

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    Be Productive

    Our host restaurants are set up for productivity. Each has a unique menu and ambiance so that you can work at the pace and environment that suits you best. With quiet places to work, privacy, meeting spaces and the flexibility to work inside or outside, WorkChew accommodates teams large and small. You can even have your meetings catered.

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    Our benefit packages are designed to meet your needs. Get access to our WorkChew network of comfortable locations and great food. Host meetings, work without distractions, and stay recharged as you move throughout the city. No reservations needed.

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    Your Space

    WorkChew offers more than great food and workspaces that meet your lifestyle. We’re a platform for you to grow your business, make connections and create a work-life balance that works for you.

Why we're better

  • Flexibility

    • You’ll always find a place to sit and eat
    • You can work where you want to eat
    • Find one our host restaurants wherever you are
    • You want to have a working lunch? No problem

  • Great Benefits

    • Discounted food/drinks available only to our members
    • Extended happy hours
    • No long-term commitments
    • Want to invite colleagues or friends? No problem
    • Located near metro stops, bike share stations & parking garages

  • Unique Coworking Experience

    • Large network of restaurants
    • Easy application process
    • Variety of food offerings
    • No long-term commitments

Why we're different

If you have other questions or issues, please contact us.

  • WorkChew vs. Working From Home

    • Fighting the power of procrastination is tough
    • The lack of colleagues or people can be oppressive
    • It’s difficult to separate workspace from life space
    • Hosting meetings in your home isn’t ideal

  • WorkChew vs. Hotels

    • Crowded with limited and uncomfortable seating
    • Wifi speed can be slow or inconsistent
    • Meetings are difficult
    • Limited menu of coffee drinks and pastries

  • WorkChew vs. Coffee Shops

    • Limited privacy
    • Wifi speed can be slow or inconsistent
    • Meetings are difficult.  Space for three or more people is limited
    • There’s pressure to buy coffee throughout the day to keep your seat
    • A limited menu of coffee drinks and pastries is not ideal

  • WorkChew vs. Private Offices

    • Limited privacy
    • Commuting to and from the office can be time-consuming and impact response rate to your customers
    • Working from the same office or cubicle can significantly impact your productivity and creativity.
    • Cost of commercial leases can become expensive and usually underutilized.
    • Contact us to learn more about WorkChew Business