The Mobile Co-Working Service for the
Early Stage Entrepreneur


WorkChew Entrepreneur is a one of a kind mobile co-working service designed to provide early stage entrepreneurs resources to grow their business. Our full-service offerings range from co-working spaces to professional matching services. Whether you’re a full-time worker, developing a concept or side hustle, or a full-blown early stage entrepreneur looking for resources and services to get your concept off the ground WorkChew Entrepreneur is for you!

How It Works

WorkChew Entrepreneur is carefully designed to offer early stage entrepreneurs services they need to be productive. We provide flexible workspace options by transforming your city’s most vibrant restaurants into your mobile office. Think high-speed wifi, laptop chargers, VPN and food and drink discounts to keep you fueled and motivated!

For those who need a little more support, we also offer a professional mailing address, access to private conference rooms, professional matching technology and a comprehensive suite of entrepreneurial centric educational and networking events!

Why Entrepreneurs Choose WorkChew


Multiple locations to meet your daily needs


Access to a network of professionals ready to collaborate and grow

Conference Rooms

Access to conference rooms for the “Big Meetings”


Access to networking and professional’s development events


Ability to access WorkChew partnership networking for your own events